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The Patagonia Library Semilloteca/Seed Library, makes available for planting a wide-range of locally adapted seed. The library’s monsoon-planted demonstration plot in the Patagonia Community Garden highlights crops grown from Semilloteca seed. The Semilloteca germinates community participation and regional self-sufficiency by sharing and saving locally adapted plant seed and their stories, to attract and sustain pollinators, promote local agriculture, and disseminate information.


Please enjoy these education videos brought to you by the Semilloteca Seed Library:

(Please note videos designated with (S) are in Spanish)

Milkweed Propagation

Milkweed Propagation (S)

Flower Love Gardening for Honey Bees

Flower Love Gardening for Honey Bees (S)

Dryland Farming

Dryland Farming (S)

Intro to Seed Saving

Intro to Seed Saving (S)

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