Greetings from the Friends of the Patagonia Library

The Friends of the Library is an independent, non-profit organization whose mission is to support and expand a community of readers, stimulate a love of books and learning. Our organization assists in providing financial support by raising funds and promoting our Library to the greater community of which we serve. One hundred percent of our library’s acquisitions and collections are funded by the Friends, people like you.

2009 Year in Review

Book Sales
The Friends of the Library sponsors two book sales each year in July and Oct. Given the state of the economy, our books sales this year were very successful. Book Sales provide additional revenue beyond donations, grants, and special events. Books are also available for purchase in the Library. We appreciate any and all your used books! And, as always, many, many thanks to all our volunteers who make our book sales possible.

Legacy Garden
The Cady Hall Courtyard Garden with a History Project was conceived when the restoration of Cady Hall and the Patagonia Library complex was completed in 1997. This year, thanks to the hard work and dedication of our head Librarian, Abbie Zeltzer, funding from the Friends as well as some grant monies, and the work of many committed volunteers, our Legacy Garden is near completion.

The garden, adjacent to the library, contains plants, identified as original homestead plantings.  Homestead plants, many surviving since the early 1900’s, tend to be robust, resistant to insects and disease, and need limited water after initial establishment.  The courtyard plants, which represent Arizona’s settlement, include surviving garden and orchard plants collected from the older home sites in the Patagonia area. A mulberry tree on the Arizona Registrar of Historic Trees already occupies a corner of the garden space.

The garden will have, upon completion, an educational photographic component demonstrating plant provenance.  The garden will serve as an extension of library indoor space and be available for free twenty-four hour a day wireless Internet access in addition to being a venue for library and community programs.  A value-added product of the garden is its natural ability to promote civic tourism.

We are pleased to mention that our Legacy Garden Project has been selected to be part of a feature article for the Fall issue of the League of Cities and Towns magazine.

Our New Mary Rebecca Cady Reading Room
On November 5th, 2009 we broke ground on our new library addition, The Mary Rebecca Cady Reading Room. This project has been graciously funded by John Henry Kendall, the grandson of early Arizona pioneer, soldier and builder of the Patagonia Hotel John Henry Cady. Mary Rebecca was John Henry Cady’s daughter and our donor’s mother.

The addition is expected to be completed during Feb. 2010.  The new room will house the library’s non-fiction book collection and be furnished with comfortable seating.  It will also have a movie screen, and we plan to procure a license to screen movies. It is our hope that our new addition will be a welcoming, cozy and comfortable place for reading.

Grants Received in 2009
Wolslager Foundation – $5000: These monies were used to create a space for older children with additional computers, comfy seating and a database subscription to Teen Health and Wellness, accessible to all from the library’s website.

The library received a portion of the town of Patagonia’s Community Development Block Grant funds – $10,000: These monies were used to enhance our audio and large print book collections and a designated large font computer to meet the needs of library users with vision issues.

Library Service and Technology Act Funds – $5350: These monies were used to develop a print and e-brochure and permanent photography display that highlights the Library’s Legacy Garden.

Looking ahead to 2010

Annual Writer’s Roundup
The seventh annual invitational Writers’ Round-Up is scheduled for Feb 12 and 13 of 2010. The event will kick-off with an invitational event and salute to Philip Caputo on Friday evening.  On Saturday, the book festival itself will begin at 10 am in Cady Hall and continue till 3, with more than 25 authors in attendance, and several concurrent workshops on writing and publishing. The grand finale will feature Richard Shelton, author of Going Back to Bisbee. The festival, workshops and reading are free and open to the public.

Authors who are presently committed to attend include Mark Bahti, Betty Barr, Byrd Baylor, Elizabeth Bernays, Joel Bernstein, J.P.S. Brown, Stephen Cox, Philip Caputo,  Alison Hawthorne Deming, Elizabeth Gunn, Lynn Hassler, Juanita Havill, Mike Hayes, Fenton Johnson, Ken Lamberton, Susan Lowell, Gregory McNamee, Tom Miller, Gary Paul Nabhan, Margaret Regan, Richard Shelton, Stephen Strom and Janet Winans

Finally, a Thank You!

A sincere and heartfelt thank you to you, our Friends, who have continued to support our wonderful community Patagonia Library throughout the years. As we said earlier, 100% of acquisitions and collections come from Friends’ generous donations. Your continued support is always greatly appreciated. Make sure to pick up the December issue of the Patagonia Regional Times for our 2009 donor list.

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