Margaret Regan and Byrd BaylorFor the seventh year in a row, the Writers’ Round-Up has been a tremendous success, both for fund-raising and friend-raising. The Friends of Patagonia Library sponsors the event on the second Saturday in February, and this year selected 30 writers for coveted invitations. Twenty-five writers attended, including eight who had not attended previously. Nearly $4,500.00 was raised for the benefit of the Library.

The Saturday event ran from 10 till 3, concluding with a delight-filled reading by Richard Shelton. During the course of 5 hours, local book lovers purchased $6, 400.00 worth of books, an unprecedented amount. Considerable excitement filled Cady Hall throughout the day, as readers found books they wanted, and conversed with writers familiar and new to them. Writers too were delighted to talk with each other, enjoy their lunches from Mercedes restaurant, meet their readers, and generally relish the day’s activities. Two workshops drew capacity groups; one on becoming a writer was offered by Stephen Cox, the other on publishing your writing by Gail Woodard.

On the Friday preceding the event, donors to the Library were invited to attend a party in honor of Philip Caputo, held at the home of Laura Chester and Mason Rose. About 50 people bought tickets to be present at the party. Highlighting the gala evening was Caputo’s reading from his recent novel, Crossers. Sonoita establishments Canela Bistro and Canelo Hills Vineyard and Winery provided elegant refreshments.

Other sponsors included Helen Chester, Ron and Anne Hummel, Ross and Susan Humphreys, Craig Bell, Maureen O’Brien, Vista and John Michael, Linda and Jim Harrison, Virginia Traherne-Thomas, and Don and Doris Wenig.

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